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Dear Viewers Lahenga Choli or gypsy skirt is to choose the most popular Indian woman's wedding clothing. The most traditional wedding lehenga color is red, but you will find an array of colorful Lehenga online. The women are usually representatives from India, Gujarat and Rajasthan regions wearing traditional clothing, the lehenga is native to other parts of India. On this basis, an integral part of India refers to the lehenga worn in different styles, using different fabrics, including unique patterns.Lehengas is its bandhni work, which is tie-dye technique mastered talented designers complete.

Some women prefer to wear a skirt lehenga not in the voluminous style and wear no Chunni or spring but kurti covering the abdomen, but some women like to wear a voluminous type lehenga choli kurti or mud covering the abdomen Changchun. àlehenga have an "A"-shaped incision around the waist to highlight women's charming narrow tailoring and elegant contours. Week skirt length increases down the level of richness and fullness of the skirt bottom was completely torch. You can wear it in the gap next to, or you can use the jazz beads, buttons, embroidery and so on. Therefore, the appearance of western India was born. These days, many Indian women wear lehenga saris or Kurtis to the office, because it is convenient and traditions. This is a style, a perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Aishwaryadesignstudio Lehenga Choli online there are a variety of beautiful patterns and designs. They dotted with tremendous appeal thread, stone work and lace border to suit your tastes and preferences. Ready and praise their stunning design can take a bath.













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